MIK from here.


MIK from here. MIK for us. The best from our region. Made with locally produced milk.

MIK is a family business from Flanders, established in 1902 and based on the outskirts of the Flemish Ardennes.

MIK means proximity: a local brand based on years of craftsmanship, authenticity and sustainability. Our local roots have made MIK a major regional brand.

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History: from a regional dairy business to a specialist producer of yogurt and quark

In 1902 the dairy operation St. Eligius was set up in the village of Kruishoutem in East Flanders. They Raw milk was collected from farmers in the surrounding area, skimmed and brought back. Shortly after the end of World War II this grew into a fully-functioning dairy company under the name Melkinrichting Kruishoutem (Kruishoutem Dairy), abbreviated to MIK.

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Values, mission and core strengths

MIK waarden, missie en troeven

From a small family business to specialists in desserts, yogurt and quark. MIK has come a long way since 1902, thanks to our many years of craftsmanship. At MIK we stay true to our roots and our attention is focused on the regional market. However, staying true to our roots doesn't mean standing still, as we have proved by keeping a constant eye on trends in tastes and foodstuffs. This has allowed us to restyle our products and presentation to stay modern and up-to-date. We also have a state-of-the art production plant.

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The production process: hygiene and quality

Hygiene and quality are our top priorities in the production process. All our raw materials and end-products are subject to rigorous testing in our own lab. We also take great care to save energy. This is why, for example, our production department has an IFS certificate.

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